A tesseratess-01: Feminine noun, small piece of marble, stone or ceramic, carved and positioned by hand, the basic material of a mosaic.

The Art of Antiquity

At the very origin of interior design, after cave paintings came the appearance of mosaics. The paintings have evolved, but mosaic remains a very craft-based art and the method still in use today is similar to that of the art of antiquity… Although mosaics draw upon an excellent reputation, the time taken to produce them has considerably restricted their usage. “An antique art untouched by the modern age…”.

Mosaics reinvented

From conception of the image to its placing on the wall, Novaltess has developed a truly ground-breaking technology that rebuilds links with a very sophisticated art. Novaltess has reinvented the mosaic, giving free rein to architects, decorators, designers and lovers of original art-works, and the chance to let their imaginations run free.


The NOVALTESS mosaics consist of irregular tesserae, known as in Opus Palladianum, for a truly “hand-carved” finish.

Example : Teahupo’o Wave

Entering the NOVALTESS UNIVERSE means choosing the comfort of a personal accompaniment.

“The NOVALTESS mosaics are born from your sketches or your digital images, making unique art works just like you.”



From the outset, Novaltess chose a virtual production mode in environmental terms. The firm is to publish an Environmental Health and Safety Policy (FDES in France). A Life Cycle Analysis will enable the display of a carbon cost that validates NOVALTESS mosaics’ “Eco Conception” label.


The many innovations available throughout the NOVALTESS range, are the inevitable result of a high level of research and development. Novaltess is the only firm in the French ceramics industry today to be granted the status of ‘Jeune Entreprise Innovante’ by the minister for Research and Higher Education.

Commercial deployment

Novaltess signed commercial agreements with leading groups in the distribution of building products.

Independent highly specialized ceramics are also depositories of our mosaics. The contact details of our partners will be communicated on simple request at the "CONTACT" tab.


NOVALTESS was born from one idea, a long period of Research and Development, plenty of ambition, perseverance and many fruitful encounters. Critical partnerships were secured with institutions, laboratories, research centers and investors, during NOVALTESS’ pre-creation phase and development. NOVALTESS joins the prestigious list of firms created at the Bordeaux Unitec science and technology park.


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